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In a VentureBeat article the author envisions ‘the future of enterprise tech‘, describing how pioneering organizations like Netflix are entirely embracing a Cloud paradigm for their business, moving away from the traditional approach of owning and operating your own data ce...
Evolving digital maturity and competitiveness through Business Architecture. The post Business Architecture-driven Digital Transformation Maturity appeared first on CBPN.
The most powerful business benefit for large enterprise organizations migrating to the Cloud is the modernization of their legacy applications. For example in Canada legacy woes contribute to a perception IT is just there as a maintenance function, not to add strategic value, meaning ...
Microsoft describes how to build a Line of Business Platform as a Service atop Azure. The post IaaS or PaaS – Migrating Legacy Microsoft Applications to Azure ‘Business as a Platform’ appeared first on CBPN.
Accelerating Digital Innovation – Speeding Concept to Cash To determine the business case for the Cloud Native technologies of microservices, containers and Continuous Deployment the key dynamic is ‘Business Value Throughput’. Ie. not just speeding up the production o...
The Cloud Native architecture maturity model is central to a more dynamic and mature IT infrastructure that makes possible digital transformation and competitive advantage The post Cloud Native Maturity Model appeared first on CBPN.
Enterprise Cloud maturity can be accelerated through VMware Cloud on AWS. The post AWS / VMware Enterprise Cloud adoption maturity – VMware Cloud on AWS appeared first on CBPN.
In their 2014 CIO Agenda report Gartner describes how ‘Taming the Digital Dragon’ (12 page PDF) is key to digital transformation strategies, with the hybrid cloud platform model as the enabling technology blueprint and business model. As their ‘We are here’ arrow describes, Gartner pro...
British hosting and colocation specialist Pulsant has announced the acquisition of LayerV, a specialist public cloud solution integration company with a strong focus on compliance and automation. LayerV is a welcome addition to our portfolio and brings with it exclusive IP around regul...
How to Migrate from Legacy Routers to SD
Microsoft is positioning the deal, announced on August 15, as a way for it to enable its customers to use high-performance computing and other "Big Computing" capabilities in the public cloud.
SSO is Easy with DB Systel and
Using HashiCorp Terraform to Build Ephemeral
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The first phase of a Cloud Transformation project determines the principle scope of the exercise based on the business goals,
Cloud Solution Design is the review and planning process to translate customer requirements into deployed Cloud services that meet those
Adapting a large enterprise to exploit the new business opportunities presented by the On Demand Economy is no small feat. However,
DevOps only accelerates one part of a business, software engineering. It doesn’t speed up how quickly sales teams can turn
The bulk of huge Government IT and process costs arise from very small data errors. As a highly siloed organization
Massive new startups like Uber taxis, Airbnb and many more are pioneering the ‘On Demand Economy’, implementing a Cloud-based On
The overall goal of the Cloud Native formula is the shift to DevOps practices, and this section begins to describe
GaaP – Government as a Platform In Chapter 2 of Open Government Tim O’Reilly first coins the term Government as a
As the name suggests Cloud Native has become the term to describe software and systems that are purposely designed for
As Gartner describes APIs are at the heart of the digital business model, a topic they explore through their Gartner
The uber poster child of migrating legacy applications and IT systems via the ‘Cloud Native’ approach is Netflix. Not only
Become a SaaS Entrepreneur When I pioneered my first SaaS venture back in 1994 it was on a DEC VMS
The CBPN is a global community of practice for Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation. Topics include: Digital Transformation Cloud Native
Become a SaaS Entrepreneur When I pioneered my first SaaS venture back in 1994 it was on a DEC VMS mainframe and customers connected via private WAN links, and the whole kit and caboodle cost a few million bucks. Now you have more computing power in your smartphone and you can rent an ...
Recipe for Startup and Enterprise Innovation Our goal here is to define an end-to-end process for digital innovation, a lifecycle that begins with ideas on a napkin right through a deployed Cloud solution to bring it to life, a model that is comprised three main stages: Idea generation...
AI has been a long established research topic for many university Computer Science departments, such as Acadia here in Nova Scotia where I am now, and Edinburgh where I “studied” (cough) the topic almost 100 years ago now. Now it seems this long brewing trend is reaching th...
As the Microsoft Azure CTO explains microservices represents a major inflection point for the IT industry - An Application Revolution Powered by the Cloud. They themselves are pioneering the approach through new products like ‘Cognitive Microservices‘. My personal opinion is that th...
AT&T has emerged as a beacon for the Cloud industry to follow, pioneering an open innovation program to accelerate their shift to a Cloud platform for the future of telecoms. As ChasingSpacy writes, Kevin Spacey keynoted at the 2016 AT&T Developer Conference where he set this h...
The Internet of Things (IoT) has been one of the most prominent IT buzz words of 2015. Whether you are talking about thermostats you can set before you get home, beacons wirelessly suggesting items to buy in your high street clothing store or wearable gadgets like the Apple Watch, IoT ...
Cloud Native Toolchains A really great example of ‘Network DevOps’, applying the enterprise DevOps practices to the Telco network environment, is provided by NTT Communications. In their presentation to the TMF 2016 Nice conference which I had the pleasure of introducing an...
Going Cloud Native – Introduction In a VentureBeat article the author describes ‘the future of enterprise tech‘, describing how pioneering organizations like Netflix are entirely embracing a Cloud paradigm for their business, moving away from the traditional approach of owning and oper...