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Are You Worried About DRaaS? By Monica Brink Latest figures from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) indicate that cloud adoption is at its highest figure to date, with 78 per cent of organisations now having formally adopted at least one type of cloud-based service. TechNavio echoes this surge and in particular the surge in growth of Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service, forecasting a compound annual growth rate of 54.64 per cent between 2014 and 2018. However, despite the striking numbers and growth expectations there are still many IT professionals out there who have fears about adopting Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service. Today, most companies are beginning to realize that they are not well prepared to face adversities. Right now business and IT executives want guarantees that disaster recovery processes actually work and they owe it to themselves, their employees, customers ... (more)

The Rising Growth of Hybrid Cloud | @CloudExpo #Cloud #BigData #IoT #API

The Rising Growth of Hybrid Cloud By Andrea Knoblauch Now that we’ve had a few years of cloud adoption under our belts, I thought it was a good time to take a look at how some of the cloud models are performing.  Public cloud has it’s own great case study with Amazon AWS, and private clouds see strong supporters with forward-thinking IT teams.  But there is another model that is winning over IT teams, the hybrid cloud, and it has good reason to. With the rise of cloud models, we’ve heard a lot about the benefits of public and private clouds. Public clouds gave us the ability to l... (more)

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: Why Process and Procedure Are Everything | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: Why Process and Procedure Are Everything Technology isn’t enough — your DR process must be sound. In a recent blog article, I discussed the difference between cloud backup and cloud disaster recovery (or “DR”). In a nutshell, with cloud backup, you basically pay a third-party service provider a monthly fee to have them back up your firm’s data and store it in the cloud, so it can be restored on-demand at a later date. With cloud DR, you gain the option to restore your data/server images to an always-on offsite virtual cloud environment capable of ru... (more)

Big Data and the Future of Space Exploration By @Stratustician | @BigDataExpo #BigData

Big Data and the Future of Space Exploration By Andrea Knoblauch The last five years of advancements in technology, particularly cloud computing and Big Data, have had some significant impacts on lots of industries. In fact, one area of exploration is poised to see huge strides in not just how future missions are to be designed and executed, but how all the vast amounts of data collected will be stored, processed and analyzed. Welcome to the next generation of space exploration. Space exploration has come back into the limelight over the last few years thanks to investment from m... (more)

Future Business Trends in Tech: Looking Forward to 2025 By @Stratustician | @CloudExpo #Cloud #BigData

Future Business Trends in Tech: Looking Forward to 2025 By Andrea Knoblauch When it comes to how trends like Big Data, mobility, cloud computing and social networking have impacted organizations, it’s clear that it has led to a large shift that has paved the way for a new market of startups who boldly embrace these trends and other organizations who are still struggling to keep up. But these trends have only started to pave the way for what we might see in the next 10 years, and the future is exciting. We’ve seen the impact the four tech mega trends - Big Data, Always-Connected M... (more)